Misconceptions About Plenum Cables

Misconceptions About Plenum Cables

There are a lot of misconceptions about plenum cables, which are the electrical cables that run in the plenum spaces of buildings. We’re going to debunk some of those myths here—keep reading to learn more.

Plenum cables don’t emit harmful gases.

One of the primary reasons individuals and companies install plenum cables is to avoid additional fire hazards caused by cabling, whether from flames or chemicals. It’s true that plenum cables have attributes that make them fire-retardant, but they’re not necessarily toxin-free. The National Fire Protection Association holds plenum cables to a high standard to ensure the safest cable possible, but they’re still made like regular cables—they just have a fire-retardant coating. So they can, in fact, produce harmful gases.

If you want the best connection possible, you need plenum cables.

We’re not really sure where this myth began, but there appears to be a misunderstanding here. Plenum cables are available in all different types of cables, from Cat5e and Cat6 up to fiber-optic. If you want the best connection, you can get a fiber-optic cable with a plenum coating—however, a general plenum cable itself doesn’t necessarily provide a better connection.

Plenum refers to any drop ceiling or raised floor.

The term plenum is common in the HVAC industry. It defines any space above the ceiling or below the floor that’s open for air circulation. Naturally, many people assume that just because they have a drop ceiling means the space above it is considered a plenum space. Not necessarily. It’s possible to use a drop ceiling or raised floor for airways, but other spaces are more common. The actual plenum spaces are behind the drywall of your actual ceiling and floorboards below your raised floor.

There are several more misconceptions about plenum cables, but the ones we mention above are certainly the most common ones we’ve heard. By no means are we trying to deter you away from plenum cables as they certainly have several advantages. We’re just clearing up some of the misinformation.

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