Signs You Need to Replace Your Ethernet Cable

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Is your internet running unusually slow, or are you experiencing interruptions? You might need a new Ethernet cable. Yes, homes and businesses still use Ethernet cables for several reasons, but mostly because they give you the best connection possible. But can an Ethernet cable go bad? Unfortunately, like anything else, Ethernet cables can eventually wear down and require a replacement. Below are some signs you need to replace your Ethernet cable.

Loss of connection or interruptions

The most obvious sign of them all is a loss of connection. Of course, sometimes you’ll lose connection from other factors such as weather or local outages, but most of the time it’s your individual network. Additionally, you might experience network interruptions such as lagging or slow download speeds. In most scenarios, a new Ethernet cable is going to solve your interruptions or outages but if that doesn’t work you may need to contact your provider.

If the old wiggle trick works

Everyone has their own solutions that always seem to fix their common problems. When it comes to Ethernet cables, that solution is often the old “give it a wiggle” trick. You shouldn’t have to jiggle the cable just to have an internet connection, and if you do, then something’s wrong with your cable. Typically, the problem lies somewhere in the connector, where you could have a broken pin, or sometimes the connector’s merely worn out.

The cable is damaged

Whether it’s an Ethernet, HDMI, or a coaxial cable, the cable should always be in good shape. Some people like to hide cables behind furniture, but if they’re not careful, cables can get pinched and damaged. In severe cases, the damage can break through the cable’s jacket and ultimately damage the copper wires within the cable’s construction. Once you see damage on your cable, you can consider it a sign to replace your Ethernet cable.

While many individuals are very much used to Wi-Fi, that doesn’t mean Ethernet cables aren’t used anymore. In fact, many modems and routers for wireless networks will have an Ethernet cable plugged into the back. Alternatively, if you want the most reliable and secure connection possible, you should connect directly to your router with an Ethernet cable.

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