How Does a Network Operating System Work?

How Does a Network Operating System Work?

Efficiency and data sharing is crucial for every company to work effectively. Employees could, of course, merely email documents, spreadsheets, and more back and forth. However, that’s inefficient, so why not consider installing a network operating system (NOS)? They’ll allow everyone on a particular network to access data from a shared location. Continue reading to learn how a network operating system works.

The two types of systems

Traditionally, when organizations set up a network operating system, they have one of the two following systems: peer-to-peer or client/server. However, to ensure reliability and stability and to reduce downtime, most systems are set up with a combination of both.


This system gives users the capability to access shared documents, files, and more on each computer on the network. In fact, a peer-to-peer system treats each computer as an equal entity on the network. That said, computers on these operating systems have equal functionality. The benefit of a peer-to-peer system is that they’re simple to set up, affordable, and common within small businesses.


On the other hand, a client/server has become more popular over the years as they allow organizations to store resources with the help of servers. These systems allow all devices to link to the file servers, which significantly improves privacy and security. While client/server systems are excellent, they are more expensive than a peer-to-peer system. Plus, they require more maintenance, so if you don’t have a designated IT team, you’ll need to get one or learn the technical details yourself. Because of these disadvantages, client/server systems are found in medium to large organizations because they have the people to set up and maintain the servers.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to incorporate a NOS in your organization, you’re going to need to know how a network operating system works. Additionally, if you don’t have an IT team, you’re going to become that team in the meantime. However, network operating systems are vital to any company’s success and efficiency.

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