How Do HDMI Signal Extenders Work?

How Do HDMI Signal Extenders Work?

Every great entertainment center needs a reliable HDMI cable and signal, so naturally, you might consider using HDMI signal extenders. But how do HDMI signal extenders work? Well, that partially depends on which one you purchase. Several types of signal extenders are available, and each one is set up a little differently. For instance, wireless HDMI signal extenders work surprisingly well, but once you ditch the cables, you begin running into more frequent connectivity issues. We usually suggest a signal extender that connects to your Ethernet cable—sometimes referred to as HDMI over Cat5e or Cat6 extenders. Connecting directly with Ethernet is always going to provide the best connection, assuming you’re using a high-quality Ethernet cable.

As a general rule of thumb, a longer HDMI cable will have a less reliable connection than a shorter cable. The industry believes that any HDMI cable longer than 50 feet should have an extender, as your connectivity and quality begins to deteriorate after that length. However, if you install a quality extender, your image and audio quality will increase. An HDMI signal extender essentially reestablishes the connection at the extension point. It increases the bandwidth of HDMI signals, most notably through a Cat cable connection.

In general, many households won’t need an extender because they typically have shorter cables. Alternatively, if you’re in a commercial setting, there’s a good chance your cables and connection points are longer.

If you’re looking to improve your audio and picture quality, an extender may be in your future. Now that you know how an HDMI signal extender works, you can begin to look for one that fits your needs. However, we’d strongly suggest going for either an HDMI over Cat6 or an HDMI over coaxial, depending on your application. Here at CableWholesale, we want to help you improve your entertainment center and connectivity by providing high-quality cables. Whether you’re looking for 100-ft HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, or extenders, we’re your one-stop shop for all things cables. Contact us today for more information.

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