The Difference Between Patch Cables and Structured Cables

The Difference Between Patch Cables and Structured Cables

When shopping for cables, all the different types of cables can get overwhelming, especially when so many of them look like one another. During your searches, you’ve likely come across the terms patch cable and structured cables. Keep reading to learn the difference between patch cables and structured cables.

Patch Cables

A patch cable is still a category cable; however, they connect permanent links and other equipment within a network. Additionally, patch cables can be shorter than structured cables because people often run patch cables in shorter lengths. Furthermore, patch cables are much more flexible since they’re commonly used in places with limited space such as closets oThe Difference Between Patch Cables and Structured Cablesr underneath the desks in offices.

Structured Cables

Alternatively, networks often use structured cabling to develop their connectivity infrastructure. The term structured cabling refers to a system that businesses, hospitals, schools, and more use to connect multiple hardware devices. The cables used for structured cabling are generally solid category Ethernet cables. A primary difference among Ethernet cables are their components. For instance, manufacturers commonly make Ethernet cables with solid copper wires (unless you’re using fiber optics) while patch cables are flexible because they use stranded copper wires.

Whether you’ve just begun searching for new cables or you’re ready to update your current cabling structure, you should know the difference between patch cables and structured cables. While some people will confuse the two, patch and structured cables will help you improve your building’s connectivity and improve efficiency.

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