Reasons to Organize and Manage Cables in Your Workplace

Reasons to Organize and Manage Cables in Your Workplace

Do you ever sit at work and find yourself snagging cables under your desk or in meeting rooms? Us too, and it’s frustrating. Cables should only be there to support your work, not get in the way of it. We cover several reasons to organize and manage cables in your workplace, and if you stay till the end, you may even learn a life lesson.

Getting Tangled Up in Cables Is Frustrating and Inefficient

We’ve all had the aggravating experience of getting our feet tangled in the cables under our desk or while we’re in the middle of call in the conference room. By keeping your cables organized, you will eradicate or reduce the frustration of tangled cables at the very least. In addition, unorganized cables are more likely to accidentally unplug, which can lead to lost work, missing data, and a network drop. All of this can make for a frustrating day at the office.

Messy Cables Are Dangerous

It’s easy to forget that all those cables are electrical, and if the cables are a complete mess and something causes an electrical shortage, it can lead to a fire. In other words, a really frustrating day at the office. Not to mention, trips and falls from cables are unfortunately common, yet they’re preventable. Just keep your cables manageable and orderly; if the cables must sit in places where people walk a lot, be sure to use a cable cover.

Disorganized Cables Leave a Bad First Impression

If you host clients in your office, a mess of cables shouldn’t greet the client when they enter your office—especially if it’s their first time meeting you. Messy cables show the client that you don’t care how you present yourself. Think about it—if someone presents their office in a careless and disorganized way, they probably treat their work similarly.

An Unorganized Office Leads to an Unorganized Life

We all value our personal lives and want to make the most of the time we have, but of course, we must balance our personal lives with our careers. Our personal lives often blend with our work lives; for instance, if we have certain habits at work, they’re more likely to show up at home and vice versa. For example, if you have an unorganized, there’s a good chance your home is too. So, if you practice being intentional with your cable management at the office, you’ll begin to see intentionality throughout your personal life. Who would’ve guessed you were going to learn how to improve your personal life in a blog about cables?

While we’re talking about organizing cables, sometimes the best ways to organize your cables is to replace them. Many offices will use shorter cables, such as a 20-foot Ethernet cable, for basic office setups, while other workplaces will have 1,000-foot cables. Whatever cables you use, keep them organized and you’ll be more efficient and safe. That should be a good enough reason to organize and manage cables in your workplace.

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