The Different Types of HDMI Cables and When to Use Them

category 5 cable

While most people are well aware of category 5 cables and other networking cables, the different types of HDMI cables are often overlooked. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans go online daily, 43% say they go online several times per day, and 26% say they’re online almost constantly. With these numbers, you might assume that most people are informed when it comes to using HDMI cables for their internet activity. But this is not the case. If you are using any type of highspeed HDMI cables, it is important to know the different types and when it is appropriate to use a certain type to meet your needs.

Here’s a basic overview that you should consider when you need an HDMI cable:

Standard HDMI cables

As the name suggests, this type of High Definition Multimedia Interface cable is the most common type that you will encounter. These cables are used to convey audio and video from a larger device to a screen. Most often you will see standard HDMI cables used for desktop computers, laptops, gaming systems, and projectors.

There is another kind of HDMI cable that belongs to this class. It is known as HDMI high-speed with Ethernet. These cables essentially support the transmission of higher quality visual data, such as deeper colors and better resolution.

Mini HDMI cables

Going down the list, mini HDMI cables allow for high-quality media display from devices that have smaller ports. These ports, known as mini ports, are often found on devices such as tablets. What’s surprising about mini HDMI cables is that they still offer a rich, high-quality resolution.

Micro HDMI cables

Finally, micro HDMI cables have an even smaller connector which is known as a micro connector. These ports can be found on tablets that are smaller than the standard sized tablet. Micro HDMI cables are also seeing a rise in popularity because they allow for media to be displayed from smartphones.

Next time you are thinking about using a category 5 cable, an HDMI cable, or any other type of cable, remember to choose the proper one for your needs. It makes all the difference in the quality and performance of your devices.

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