Understanding the Importance of Using the Best Cables for All Your Electronic Devices

ethernet cables

As consumers, it’s easy to get distracted by the flashy appeals of modern technology. Often times a bright, colorful design feature can blind you to the functionality concerns of a device. Unfortunately, this means that the quality of things like ethernet cables are readily overlooked in today’s electronic marketplace. If you find yourself neglecting the cables you use to charge your devices and connect to the internet, then our simple tips will get you started on educating yourself so you can be a more informed consumer and make the right choices that will ensure your devices work to the best of their capabilities.

There are a few universal concepts that apply to all different types of cables. Take cell phone charging cables as an example. The quality of cable is as important as how you use the cable. It’s never a good idea to wait until your phone gets close to a 0% battery charge before you recharge it. According to expert recommendations, waiting until your phone gets down to around a 35% or 40% charge and then plugging it into a charger is the best way to charge your phone. Of course, the charging cable that you use will have an effect on the quality of your charge. You don’t want to cut any corners and waste your time with lackluster cables, as a bad cable can quickly short out, die, or even damage your device. In this way, ethernet cables, USB cables, and charging cables for your phone all share similar quality considerations on the part of the user.

Ethernet cables are often overlooked when people install new internet connections or rearrange their setup. Though many types of ethernet cables are available today, a few different classifications are best to be aware of. Cat6 ethernet cables provide higher speeds when compared to their predecessors Cat5e and Cat5. Cat6 cables also deliver more frequencies. However, a common disadvantage to this category of ethernet cable is that they are a bit more difficult to install. Cat5e ethernet cables can provide up to 1Gb/second speeds at 100MHz frequencies, which is excellent for users who like a little more speed on their connections. Cat5 cables are a solid option for those who don’t need the latest and greatest, as they are durable, functional, and tend to last for quite a long time, up to 10 years in fact. Keeping these cables in mind as you shop around will ensure that you have a working knowledge of some basic ethernet cable categories.

Regardless of your usage, choosing the right cables will have a dramatic impact on your overall productivity and workflow. With cables that work at sufficient speeds, last a long time, and provide you with options, you can be sure that your devices get the functional attention they deserve. If you’re looking for quality cables from a company you can trust, then contact us today.

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