Tips for Buying Commercial Office Cables

bulk fiber optic cables

Commercial offices require a lot of cables and wiring. There are all kinds of computers and office equipment that need to be plugged in or wired to the office internet. This can make buying and setting up all of the proper cables feel a bit overwhelming. However, there are some tips you can follow to make the process easier.

1. Buy in Bulk

One thing you can do to make setting up an office space easier is buy cables and wires in bulk. Bulk fiber optic cables, surge protectors for computers, and network ethernet cables will ensure that everyone has what they need for the best price. Buying in bulk often saves you money per unit and gives you all the supplies you need to get every computer, phone, and device plugged in properly. It’s also easier to order bulk fiber optic cables than to order a bunch of individual cables, and it can save you some time and hassle.

2. Use Surge Protectors

In a survey done by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 82% of professionals agreed that surge protection is a necessity for protecting equipment. This is because these protectors will absorb electrical surges from storms or other sources that could severely damage your office’s electrical equipment. Not only with this save you money on replacements and repairs, but it will save you from unnecessary downtime.

3. Hire a Professional Installer

Another thing you can do to make things easier is hire someone to set up all of your equipment and get the computers properly connected to the network. You may already have an IT team together that can do this for you, but if not you can outsource help with this task. This will give you more time to focus on other business priorities while everything is being set up. It will also ensure that everything is properly wired and connected.

Stay Organized

It also important to put together a floor and wiring plan that will keep things organized and safe. Using longer cords that can be routed away from walkways and taped down will keep employees from tripping on cords and will reduce damage to electrical equipment. Also, setting up your office in a way that allows for space and functionality will help as well.

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