The Benefits of Ordering Cat6 Ethernet Cable from a Reputable Company

cat6 ethernet cable

Current statistics in technology industry indicate that there are 305 iPhone sales per minute, which is a clear indication that equivalent USB cables are also sold per minute for charging the iPhones bought. This information is enough to show how cell phone charging cables are moving from the suppliers to the local stores and finally to the hands of the phone users.

Not only are cell phone cables in high demand, but the Ethernet cable industry has also changed considerably. There are many companies out there in the industry that are selling Ethernet cables. Therefore, if you are looking for a cat6 Ethernet cable supplier, you need to put various factors into considerations. Cat6 Ethernet cable is one of the most reliable wires in internet transfer, which explains why quality is of utmost importance.

So, what are some of the factors that you will need to consider when looking for a technology company that will be supplying cat6 Ethernet cable in your local store?

Technical Support

If you are in the Internet business, you’re already aware that this is not a theoretical industry. It is a hands-on business that requires individuals with hands-on experience in handling HDMI high-speed cables. Therefore, every time you are looking for a company to supply you cat6 cables, consider a company that will be providing technical support.

A cable supplying company that is willing to provide pre-installation technical support and post-installation technical support should be highly considered.


Although cat6 Ethernet cable has no history of being damaged, there is always a probability that the Ethernet cable that you have on your hands could be damaged at any given time. This means that you should order your cables from a company that is willing to provide a warranty for its products. Most of the Ethernet network cable supplying companies around the country offer 2- to 3-year warranties. In this period, most of the Internet cables will be working as expected, and they will be supplying the Internet at very high speed. How about going to a company offering a lifetime warranty? This means your cables will be maintained and repaired by the selling company for a lengthy period.

Different Categories

There are different categories of Ethernet cables that you can consider. If you are looking forward to dealing with Internet cables, you need to hire a company that can supply all Ethernet cable types so that you can have something different to offer to your customers. Remember that customers are different and they have varying tastes and preferences, which explains why you should stock different cables. If you are looking at cables for your consumption, you would also be interested in getting different cables so that you can leverage on speed and durability differences. Some of the different Ethernet cables that you can consider include but not limited to; cat5 cables, cat5e cables, and cat6 cables, among others.

Bulk Cables

Buying Ethernet cables has always remained to be a bonus to both the distributors and users. You cannot order a cat6 Ethernet cable and expect to get quality results. You need to make sure that you order different categories of cables in bulk and ensure that each category has been supplied as you wanted. One of the benefits of ordering in bulk is that you will be getting discounts and bonuses from your distributor. You will also cut a considerable amount that you would have otherwise spent if you were ordering a single cat6 Ethernet cable. You can as well cut on transportation expenses and save time.

Multiple Distribution Centers

As a cable user, nothing is frustrating, like experiencing slow Internet in your office, but you cannot get a similar cable because you don’t have a distribution center from your local area. You don’t want to get frustrated and sometimes experience downtime in your company. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you get your Ethernet cables from a company that has multiple distribution centers so that you can access them easily.

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