Making the Switch to Fiber Optics: 5 Great Benefits

fiber optic cables

The very first fiber optic cable was used in 1988 to connect the U.S. to France and Britain. Since then, countless more cables have been installed all over the globe and are now one of the most popular types of long-distance networking cables available.

Here are some of the main advantages of fiber optic cables:

  1. Speed — This is perhaps the main advantage of making the switch to fiber optics. Since fiber optic networks operate at speeds into the gigabits, users can navigate the web faster than ever before.
  2. Distance — With fiber optics, signals can be transmitted much further without needing to be strengthened or refreshed.
  3. Bandwidth — Another major advantage of using fiber cables involves bandwidth because of their large carrying capacity.
  4. Maintenance — Despite all these benefits, fiber cables are actually much more affordable to maintain.
  5. Resistance — Fiber cables offer greater resistance to electromagnetic noise coming from nearby cables, motors, and radios.

If you’re hoping to improve speed, efficiency, and accessibility across your network or business, you should consider buying fiber optic cables in bulk. Though these cables are durable and of the highest quality, it’s still a good idea to have some extra cables available just in case. Plus, the more cables you have in use the more opportunities available for your business! Here are some additional items you should continue purchasing to streamline your connection process:

  • Fiber Optic Connector — An optical fiber connector terminates the end of the cable and enables faster connection and disconnection than splicing. The connectors mechanically couple and align the cores of fibers so light can pass through.
  • Media Transfer Protocol and Multi-fiber Push On Fiber — Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)is an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) communications protocol that allows media files to be transferred atomically to and from portable devices. Multi-Fiber Push On (MPO) is a connector for ribbon cables with four to 24 fibers.

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