Why You’re Seeing That ‘Cable or Accessory Not Certified’ Message on Your iPhone Screen

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Although the iPhone 7 accounted for only 8.1% of all smartphone sales in the U.S. during Q3 of 2017, Apple products are among the most popular types of technology in the world. That said, these smartphones have their share of dumb problems. One of the more annoying ones you might experience is a pop-up message that proclaims that the cell phone accessories (like cell phone charging cables) you’re trying to use are not compatible with your device.

Typically, this window notifies you that these cell phone cables or other accessories are not certified and will not work reliably with your device. But why does this notification appear in the first place? And what can you do to ensure your cell phone can be charged, uninterrupted?

You Might See This Message Because…

  • The cable you’re using is damaged: In some cases, a damaged cable can cause this message to appear. While that’s not really the intended purpose of this error message, it can let the user know that their old cable isn’t working the way it should. This may happen when cables have fraying edges or have been exposed to a damaging element (like water). If you know you’re using an Apple authorized cable but this message pops up, you should inspect your cell phone accessories for signs of damage and consider replacing them right away.
  • The cable you purchased is counterfeit: The main reason this window appears is Apple’s desire to discontinue the use of unauthorized cables. The company has implanted authentication chips in its own lightning cables to ensure they will be recognized by their devices — and that cell phone accessories without these chips will be flagged as unauthorized. If you bought a cheap cable as a quick fix, you’ll probably see this message at some point. It’s not just because Apple wants to have control or make more money, either. Counterfeit cables and other cell phone accessories can actually damage the internal components of your devices and may even present a safety hazard to users. If you see this message and have at least a suspicion your cable is counterfeit, replace it with an authorized one so your phone can maintain its charge and you won’t risk setting it on fire.
  • Your iPhone’s charging port needs to be cleaned: In rare cases, this message may appear by mistake. If your phone’s charging port is filled with debris, it might not be able to register the charging cable correctly and could deliver the error message as a result. It could also randomly pop up for seemingly no reason at all and go away when the cable is unplugged and plugged back in again. But if you’ve cleaned out your charging port and see no signs of damage to your device or accessories, this probably isn’t the reason you’re seeing this pop-up window.

The best way to prevent dealing with this annoying issue? Buy authorized charging cables. These high-quality cables won’t let you down and won’t compromise your safety or your phone’s data. To learn more, please contact us today.

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