Plug In, Speed Up: How to Charge Your Phone a Lot Faster

lightning cables

It’s safe to say we’re pretty dependent on our devices, whether we like it or not. Last year, approximately 64% of Americans owned an iPhone or another Apple product. Not only is ow battery anxiety is a real, perceivable condition now, but you’re so reliant on this technology that you may no longer be able to navigate using a map or remember your best friend’s phone number by heart. As long as you keep your phone charged up, it’s not a problem. But what happens when you have to leave the house in 15 minutes and suddenly realize your battery is only 30% charged? Here are some ways to boost your battery in a hurry.

  • Opt for Airplane Mode (or Power Off): The less your phone is able to do while you’re charging, the more quickly it can do its thing. Experts recommend that prior to using lightning cables, users toggle their phones into airplane mode or switch them off entirely. This can allow you to preserve what battery charge you already have left and will devote all of the charging power from your cell phone cables to powering up your battery, rather than using it to play a game or surf the internet.
  • Use a Wall Plug: When you use a cell phone charging cable, it’s best to use a wall charger if you want results fast. While plugging into your computer is okay if you’re in a jam, it won’t be nearly as fast as when you use a charging block. In general, you should steer clear of wireless charging if speed is your main concern. And be sure to look at both the amperage and voltage of the charger or lightning cables you’re using, as these can impact the speed of the charging process. FYI, the higher those numbers are, the better.
  • Cool It Down: If your phone is overheated, it won’t charge as effectively. Make sure the temperature around you isn’t too hot for your phone and consider removing the protective cover while it’s charging to be on the safe side. Of course, frigid temperatures aren’t good for your phone, either. Not only will using a car charger not work as quickly due to its quality, but the extreme temperature in your vehicle might also have an effect on your device. Aim to charge in a comfortable environment.
  • Buy a Better Cable: If you’re attempting to charge your phone with worn out or knock-off lightning cables, you’re probably going to have a hard time getting the desired result. They might not even recognize your device and could refuse to charge it at all. Alternatively, your device might start to charge but the cables could end up damaging your phone in the end. Always buy lightning cables from trusted sources and replace them right away if they start to show signs of obvious wear.

In today’s world, you probably fear being caught without a fully charged phone. While your battery doesn’t actually have to hit that 100% mark to be at its most effective, these tips can help you get closer to a full charge a whole lot faster.

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