Never Lose To Lag: When To Use Ethernet Cables For Gaming

cat5e cables

We’ve all been there before; you’re in the middle of a round of your favorite multi-player online game, and just when you need a fast connection most, you’re taken down by every gamer’s worst enemy: lag. If you need a fast connection for gaming, it might be time to consider an upgraded ethernet cable. Here are a few situations where an ethernet cable might be able to improve your gaming setup.

Online Gaming

If you’re a fan of MMORPGs, or if you’re a competitive Smash player wanting to improve your game, or even if you typically just play with a few friends online, ethernet cables might be able to help you. Cat6 cables and Cat5e cables can improve your internet speeds and overall connection to the network. That means reduced lag and improved game performance when playing any sort of online game. No need to worry about someone stealing your XP because your computer or console lagged.

If you frequently find yourself struggling to connect while streaming your favorite game, or experience slower speeds while streaming, Cat5e cables or Cat6 cables could help you create a better viewing experience for your followers. Streaming can tax your systems and your network connection, and an ethernet cable upgrade can help prevent problems frequently faced by streamers.

Console vs. PC

Regardless of where you sit on the console vs. PC gaming debate, ethernet cables and fiber optic cables can improve your gaming experience. Ethernet cables are able to connect to both consoles and PCs, making them a useful tool for any serious gamer, whatever your gaming system of choice is.

Fiber optic cables can be incredibly useful for the intense console or PC gamer. Fiber optic cables first connected the U.S. to France and Britain in 1988, and since then, hundreds more have been installed all over the globe. If you need heavy-duty equipment to handle your gaming, this could be a good choice for you.

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