When WiFi Isn’t Enough: The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

In an increasingly technological age, the Internet has become essential for a multitude of things, including several forms of gaming. Whether it’s a multiplayer game or an online platform entirely, a fast, secure Internet connection is essential for those gamers whose focus is online.

But what happens when WiFi isn’t enough? If you’re concerned about congestion and high latency in your WiFi connection, here are some things you need to consider when choosing an Ethernet cable.

All Ethernet cables are made up of 4 twisted pairs of wires, the twisting prevents interference. But when you’re searching for an Ethernet cable, you’re going to be awash in Cat5e cables, Cat6 cables, and even Cat6a cables. When considering which category, or cat, to choose from, it’s important to remember that Cat5e cables are the oldest of the bunch, while Cat6a cables are the newest and fastest. So if you’re looking for speed, security, and durability, a Cat6a cable is probably the way to go. But in a pinch, Cat5e or Cat6 bulk cables are still commonly used.

Your gaming center might not be right next to an Ethernet port. While that’s not ideal, it happens. And it’s an instance in which a 75 foot Ethernet cable is necessary. Your cable needs to be long enough to connect from your home Ethernet port, over any appliances that night be in the way, and into your computer’s Ethernet port. When in doubt, buy a longer cable. You might think a 10-foot cable is long enough, but sometimes it is safer to assume that a longer Ethernet cable is a better option.

Every Other Piece of Equipment
You can have the best, most durable Ethernet cable on the market, but it won’t mean squat unless your other gaming equipment is set up to handle an Ethernet connection. WiFi is pretty standard nowadays, which means some equipment might not even be built to handle an Ethernet connection. This is especially important to consider if you’re gaming from a laptop computer.

If the Internet is essential to your gaming style, you should consider buying an Ethernet cable that fits these specifications. But make sure your gaming system is up to the challenge before you purchase the mother of all Ethernet cables.

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