A Few of the Best Cell Phone Accessories to Have in Your Summer Arsenal

In the age of smartphones — when almost 395 iPhones are sold every minute — the sheer amount of cell phone accessories available can be a little bit overwhelming. But there's no need to worry; we've compiled a shortlist of must-have cell phone accessories for summer 2017. Here are a few things you should consider buying!

Arm Band
Whether you're a runner or you just want to go for a walk without worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket, an armband is the perfect tech accessory. Not only does it keep your smartphone safe and sound, it gets rid of the bulky pocket or the need to hold your phone in your hand.

Portable Charger
If there's one thing you shouldn't be doing this summer, it's staying glued to an outlet for your phone. Summer is the time to get outside and explore! If you invest in a portable charger, you'll be able to take your cell phone cables on the go and fully immerse yourself in whatever you're doing.

Bluetooth Headphones
With Apple ditching its headphone jack, Bluetooth is the way to go for headphones. Not only do they look cool, they solve the issue of getting tangled up in your cell phone cable accessories. And if your phone falls out of your pocket, there's no need to worry about your head getting jerked towards the ground.

Bluetooth Speakers
Similar to headphones, Bluetooth and other forms of wireless speakers allow you to DJ any summer party or barbecue without being attached to USB cables all night long. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, these fun tools offer versatility in addition to convenience.

Selfie Stick
If you want to take picturesque selfies in front of the sunset without getting tangled in HDMI cables from your camera, the selfie stick is the way to go. It provides an extra long "arm" for you to work with as you snap the perfect picture. Not to mention its ability to reach high up for those just over the crowd concert photos.

Whether you're looking for outdoorsy cell phone accessories or you just want to make traveling with your phone a little bit easier, these smartphone accessories should definitely be on your summer shopping list.

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