Purchase High-Quality USB Cables and Surge Protectors for Your Devices

How many devices do you have with Internet access? Electronic gadgets? If you’re one of the 101 million iPhone users, and you have two to three computers in your home, chances are that you are aware of the importance of using high-quality USB cables. Furthermore, you probably have an extra supply of these cables on hand.

In addition to having reliable network cables, you also want to have one or more surge protectors. While a power strip surge protector provides additional outlets, its most important feature is that it protects your devices as well as your home and office.

You may be interested to know the difference between an electrical surge and an electrical spike. The duration of a surge is usually less than two seconds, while a spike can be even less than a second. Surges tend to measure under 500 volts. Spikes, however, can consist of thousands of volts.

Electrical surges and spikes can both cause significant damage when protective measures aren’t in place. A whole-house surge protector can prevent this excess voltage from entering your home and potentially cause an electrical fire or other damages.

On average, whole house surge protectors cost $250. When comparing the potential cost of damages to your home, office, and devices, however, this is a minimal amount. While insurance may cover some or all of the costs incurred, it makes sense to take measures to avoid these issues when possible.

Power surges and spikes may be caused by a weather phenomenon such as lightning. They may also be caused by issues with electrical lines and in-house wiring. If you believe there are wiring issues in your home or office, it’s important to have a professional electrician evaluate the situation. At that time, they can determine if you need any repairs.

It’s important to remember that if you have any old, frayed USB cables or other cords, that they should be replaced. Furthermore, if you have an old power strip rather than a surge protector, you may want to replace it as well.

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