6 Surprising Cell Phone Facts

These days, we’ve become utterly dependent upon our technology. We often feel like we need constant access to our devices — and the information they provide through Cat6 ethernet cables, USB cables, and lightning cables to power our internet, tablets, and cell phones. We may not even be fully cognizant of our dependency and how it can affect our lives. But these six facts about cell phones may surprise you:

  1. Our phones are mega-powerful
    You might not realize it, but your smartphone is just like a small computer. In fact, it has more computing power than the computer that was used to orchestrate the Apollo 11 moon landing! It’s really impressive that you can now carry around a computer in your pocket or purse. By using power lightning cables, you can charge your phone in a small amount of time and have access to that powerful computer whenever you need it.
  2. Our phones are also really dirty
    If you’re a heavy cell phone user who is constantly experiencing skin or health problems, you should clean your phone regularly. The truth is that every square inch of your cell phone contains about 25,000 germs. That’s dirtier than a pet’s food dish, the sole of a shoe, or the average toilet seat! Although many germs won’t harm you, there have been cases of serious diseases being spread via cell phone usage (especially when people bring their phones into the bathroom). Get some antiseptic alcohol wipes and clean your phone screen regularly.
  3. Texting might be on the decline
    Nearly nine trillion text messages were sent in 2013. But numbers show that texting might actually be on the decline. Apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Snapchat have replaced some of the necessity for texting. But texting is still going strong for many people and has revolutionized the way we communicate.
  4. The fear of not having your phone is real
    Did you know that there’s actually a name for the fear of not having your phone or being able to get a cell phone signal? It’s called Nomophobia. In a 2010 study conducted in the UK, the fear of being denied access to their smartphone, cell phone accessories, or network coverage was found to be present in 58% of men and 47% of women who participated. It just goes to show how emotionally connected we are to our gadgets! If you want to reduce your risk of anxiety, make sure you carry an external battery or extra lightning cables when you leave the house.
  5. We check our phones unnecessarily
    A lot of people experience phantom rings and vibrations, and most people will check their phones out of habit or due to boredom. The average person unlocks their phone around 110 times per day. That number is even higher for those who are highly addicted to their cell phones. Essentially, they’ve become an extension of our bodies and it can be very difficult for many of us to disconnect.
  6. Cell phones can disrupt sleep and relationships
    Many of us spend time browsing our favorite sites or using our favorite apps before we retire for the evening. But 63% of people who use their phones directly before bed report that they have difficulties sleeping. Experts recommend that you limit your cell phone use before bedtime. Cell phones can also put a strain on your relationships, especially if you can’t seem to tear yourself away in order to communicate with the person you’re with. Although our cell phones are useful in numerous ways, it’s best to put them away and out of sight when you’re trying to spend time with friends, family, or your partner — or when you’re trying to wind down for sleep.

Let’s face it: our cell phones are a vital part of our lives. But they won’t be functional for long without the proper cell phone accessories or lightning cables to charge them! If you want to find out more about the types of cables we offer and how they can serve your needs, get in touch with us today.

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