Why Use an Ethernet Cable Instead of WiFi? Here Are 4 Surprising Reasons

These days, wireless internet seems to be all the rage. While it can come in handy when visiting friends or accessing important information when we’re out and on our phones, there are some huge benefits to using a Cat6 Ethernet cable instead of a WiFi router in our homes.

You might think that using internet via WiFi on your phone will alleviate the need for Cat6 Ethernet cables, but the truth is that our smartphones have a lifespan of only about two years, which means you might be out of luck for internet access in the not-so-distant future. Conversely, opting to access the web on your device through a network Ethernet cable means that you’ll have stable and quick access throughout your home, whenever you need it. Here are four surprising reasons why you might want to consider choosing Cat6 cables for your internet needs:

  1. Faster
    One of the most important feature of Cat6 Ethernet cables, or even Cat5e Ethernet cables, is that they are much faster than wireless internet. When a bunch of devices in one location are all sharing the same wireless router, the bandwidth — and therefore, speed — for everything slows way down. It’s essentially an Internet traffic jam. The strength of a wireless signal depends on how close your device is to your router, but you can use anything from a 75 foot Ethernet cable to a 328 foot Ethernet cable to ensure you’re always connected and experiencing the same quality of speed throughout your home.
  2. More secure
    With WiFi, your connection is potentially pretty vulnerable. Even if your signal is password protected, those with enough technological know-how could potentially access your system. When you use Ethernet cables, you’re assured that no one can get into your network without direct access to the cable in your home. This means that no one will be able to snoop without your say-so — or use the connection you’re paying for without your permission.
  3. Conserves energy
    Whether you’re concerned about energy for the sake of the environment or for the sake of your pocketbook, using an ethernet cable will account for less power used and therefore less cost for you. Knowing that you’re practicing energy efficiency in your home can give you peace of mind.
  4. More reliable
    Wireless internet is prone to interference and interruptions. It can pick up on signals from appliances like microwaves and can experience interruptions from other devices that utilize the same signal. Because Ethernet allows you to have one designated signal for one device, this type of internet connection rarely experiences errors and will provide you with the most reliable connection.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our network Ethernet cables can help improve your connection and your life, please contact us today!

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