iPhone 7 Predictions and Rumors

It’s that time of year again…time for a new iPhone release! As usual, there is much speculation about what new features may be included, but this time around Apple has kept its newest release top-secret so we are left in the dark with our imaginations. Now that the September 7th debut date for the iPhone 7 has finally been confirmed, we will go over some of the most popular speculations in the rumor mill regarding the iPhone 7 release.

Release Date: So far, September 12th is the projected date that the iPhone 7 is expected for release. This date will likely be confirmed by Apple on September 7th, unless they are planning on keeping the public guessing.

Waterproof: Will the iPhone 7 follow in Samsung’s S7 footsteps and be waterproof? This is a pretty cool feature that a few new phones are offering, it would be strange for Apple to not follow suit.

Curved Body: The rumor about a possible curved body type started circulating over the summer. Will the new iPhone have borrow some curves from the likes of LG’s G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round?

Home Button: There has been much ado about the new iPhone’s home button, or rumored lack-there-of. Word on the street is that there will no longer be a physical home button, but instead an optical screen home button. How this will affect a hard reset remains a mystery.

Headphone Jack: This is one of the hottest mysteries surrounding the iPhone 7 release. There have been numerous reports that the new iPhone 7 will be sans headphone jack. The how and why is still unclear. What about those folks who are limited to a 3.5mm jack in their car, as well as those who use their headphones at the gym? As of right now it doesn’t make sense. If this is truly the case, then Apple will likely come up with some type of adapter for an older 3.5mm cable connector. Will this spark the same type of outrage that the last connector change did? If an adapter is needed, will Apple include one in the box, or charge $30 like they did with the last 30-pin to Lightning adapter change? What kind of headphones will be included in the box? The rumor mill suggests they may be called “AirPods,” but it is unclear if they will be wired or wireless. There is also speculation that the new ear phones may have a special proprietary connection. Does that mean that only Apple ear pods will be compatible? So many questions regarding this mystery.

Wireless Charging: The Samsung S7 has wireless charging abilities built-in, so it’s only a matter of time before Apple gets on board. Will they include this feature in the new iPhone 7?

Colors: Will Apple stay with the space gray, silver, gold and rose gold options, or will they branch out to some brighter hues?

Size: There have been a few “leaks” that suggest Apple will stick with the regular iPhone and iPhone Plus models. There has been much speculation about a possible third option, although not much is known about it yet. Some case makers have created three different prototypes, are they onto something?

Storage: The iPhone 6s offers three different types of storage: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Many current iPhone users are hoping that they cut the 16GB option already, because really, it’s not enough storage space for anyone. Instead they can upgrade to a 32GB option to stay relevant with other options out there. Pricing will likely stay the same, unless Apple has more surprises up their sleeve.

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