How to Choose the Right Siamese Video Cable

Siamese cables are named as such because they provide two services in one cable: power and video. They’re commonly used for television cable connections, or for wiring up a home video surveillance or closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. The pairing of picture and power in a Siamese video cable helps cut back on the number of cables and wires needed for installation, which is a big bonus for professional contractors and adventurous DIYers alike. Moreover, Siamese video cables are durable, reliable and relatively inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Just like HDMI high-speed cables, it’s a myth that Siamese cables have to cost $50 or more; many stores will price them that high, but there’s no reason you actually have to pay that much when you can cut bulk cables yourself to the exact length and size you need.

Speaking of length, you can find Siamese cabling in lengths of up to 1,000 feet to meet any need. And again, like high-speed HDMI cables, the length of the cable shouldn’t affect the quality of the signal, so long as a cable running 100 feet or longer is specifically designed to meet those needs. So what should you look for in a Siamese video cable? The biggest difference for consumers has to do with the video portion of the cable, which can come as either an RG-59 or RG-6. The RG-59 is the most common Siamese video cable component, though as modern picture qualities demand higher transfer speeds, they’re becoming less popular for television connections. They still work perfectly fine for any frequencies under 50MHz.

The RG-6 has a larger conductor than the RG-59 for enhanced signal quality. The insulation and shielding is also built to withstand higher electrical currents. The same way you can use a 12-watt charger to power an iPhone in half the time it takes a 5-watt charger, an RG-6 delivers more juice in less time than the RG-59. Except for situations that demand very high picture quality, however, most people won’t notice the difference between an RG-59 and RG-6. In fact, the RG-59 is still preferred for security camera cabling.

Siamese video cables can be a cost-effective and clutter-free way to set up both home theaters and high tech corporate surveillance systems alike. So whether you want to stay comfortable or safe, Siamese cables let you do so in high-definition.

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