The Ultimate Ranking of Cell Phone Cable Accessories

It’s no secret that most of us are completely dependent on our cell phones. From making plans to finding directions, and from ordering takeout to surfing the web, our mobile devices are our lifelines. However, they need care of their own, too. Your cell phone cables and cell phone accessories can have a huge impact on the durability and performance of your device. Here are some of the essentials you need to get the most out of your phone.

12-Watt Charger

Yes, you can use the cell phone cable accessories that came with your phone when you bought it — or you can upgrade to a 12-watt charger that can power an iPhone in half the time compared to the standard 5-watt chargers out of the box. With 12-watt USB cables, the iPhone 6 only takes 50 minutes to fully charge, and the iPhone 6 Plus takes just 2.5 hours. Just make sure you’re only purchasing from an authorized distributor, like CableWholesale. Apple cell phone cable accessories have authentication chips to deter third-party manufacturers.

USB-to-Lightning Cables

Diehard Apple users need a way to connect their phones to their laptops in order to back-up pictures, data, and other types of information. Easily charge and sync your device with one cable that can connect to virtually any Apple product with a Lightning port.

Backup Battery

Sometimes you’re on the go without an outlet in sight. If you’re draining your battery with GPS directions, catching Pokemon, or composing the perfect social media post, keep a backup battery charger handy so your phone doesn’t die on you unexpectedly.

Antiseptic Wipes

Do alcohol wipes count as cell phone cable accessories? Maybe not, but they’re still essential for anyone who’s constantly touching their phone all day (i.e., all of us). Every square inch of your screen likely has about 25,000 germs on it. That means your phone is dirtier than the bottom of a shoe, a pet food bowl, or even a toilet seat. Get some antiseptic wipes at the drug store and clean it off every now and then!

To get the best performance out of your cell phone, get the best accessories for charging, syncing, powering and cleaning. After all, our phones work so hard for us on a daily basis. They deserve a little pampering in return!

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