How to Build Custom Ethernet Cables

What do you do when you need three short network Ethernet cables and you only have one laying around? How do you decide when you can buy cat 6 cables bulk for the price of a few small Cat5e cables? What can you do to get the most out of your materials and your Internet?

The answer is that you can easily cut and customize Ethernet cables to suit all of your around-the-house needs. Whether you just need a short clip to set up a router or you’re wiring your dream gaming station, cables are easy to measure and make yourself with the right tools.

All you’ll need:

  • Wire cutters/strippers/crimpers
  • RJ45 plugs — as many as you need
  • Network cable — you can cut a preexisting cable into smaller pieces, or get up to a 1000 ft Ethernet cable in bulk

First, simply measure the cable a few inches longer than you need it to be (to allow room to attach the data plugs) and cut.

Then, strip an inch of coating off either end of the cable and unravel the exposed wiring.

Order the wires by color. From top to bottom: orange/white, orange, green/white, blue, blue/white, green, brown/white, brown.

Trim the wires to length and arrange them into the RJ45 plugs.

Crimp everything into place and you’re good to go!

Building your own Ethernet cables is a great way to have a little fun with wiring and save some money, too. Quality-built Cat5 cables will easily last five to ten years, and RJ45 plugs can be inserted and unplugged 1,000 to 2,000 times before ever falling loose.

The speed of your connection, however, is all going to depend on the type of cable you choose from the start. A Cat5e Ethernet cable has a 100MHz frequency capacity and speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps, while a 6 or 6a can offer significantly more for only slightly more money. If you’re going to cut your own cables anyway, buying Cat6 cables bulk is a great way to ensure top speed and quality throughout all of your network setups. With only a few tools and the proper know-how, you can get everything you need for all of your Ethernet needs.

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