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Annoying Facebook friends got you down? We all have a few, and there are several reasons that they are annoying. What can you do about them though? Unfriending someone on social media can make for a lot of weirdness in real life. The dilemma of “unfriending” a friend online has been around since the inception of social media. Luckily, Facebook has come up with a good solution you may have not heard of. Unfollowing! This nifty feature will still allow you to be “friends” with the person, without having to see their posts. This is the perfect fix for all different types of annoying Facebook friends. We came up with a few examples of different types of culprits that the unfollow button works great for!

New Mom

If your Facebook feed is constantly clogged with pictures of babies, chances are that one of your friends had a kid. Don’t get us wrong, the kid is totally cute, and we are happy for our friend. But unless that is our own kid, no one needs to see that many pictures. Same goes for other moms who post too many pictures of their kids in general. Like everything, moderation is key!

The Holy Roller

This person has been saved by the Lord, and wants to let their entire social media network know all about it. Now that they are born-again, they feel the need to push their new found religious ideals on you. While anything is Ok in moderation, if it starts to bother you, unfollow.

The Political Grandstander

This type of Facebook friend is the ultimate offender. They love to ruffle feathers and post nothing but political memes, political statistics and the usual political trash talk. Unfortunately this person’s posts are usually snarky and self-righteous. Because politics are a hot button issue with a lot of people, this type of Facebook friend gets unfollowed a lot.

The Obsessive Selfie-Taker

This friend can be embarrassing. This person does not understand social norms, and usually has an inflated sense of self. They are usually unattractive and/or don’t do their make-up or hair well. But they have an inflated ego that makes them think that everyone is interested in seeing their daily “selfies.” The most annoying thing about this person is that sometimes people take pity and pump up their ego. Comments like “you’re so pretty” or “gorgeous!” that show up right under the photo. While these commenters are trying to be nice, really they are only encouraging this annoying behavior.

*As an added bonus, we will show you how to block someone from seeing future tagged posts, without having to “unfriend” them. Everyone has that one person who is just a little too interested in your Facebook life. Whether it be your mom or a nosy co-worker, sometimes it’s necessary to block posts from certain people. The ability to hide future tagged posts used to be fairly easy on Facebook. It’s now still possible, but just slightly more difficult. We’ve outlined the how-to below.

  • Click on the top right of any page that you are on and select “settings.”
  • Click “Timeline and Tagging” in the column.
  • Look for the link to “who can see what others post on your timeline.” Then click edit.
  • When it asks which audience you would like to select, pick custom.
  • You will then be prompted to add a name of the person you would like to block from seeing tagged posts.

    After you take these steps, your feed will be easier to navigate and a lot less aggravating!

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