Buy Your Cables in Bulk!

Some of the best contractors in the business all have one thing in common: they buy their cables in bulk. It’s the most cost-efficient way to buy network cables for your business or assorted home projects. This is because bulk cable is a lot less expensive per foot than pre-made cables, so if you are dealing with longer runs you will end up saving a bunch of money. Bulk spools and boxes of cable also allow you to pick your own connectors and to cut the exact length that you need. When you take length into consideration, not only is it a lot less expensive to only use what you need, but your installs will look much neater and organized. On top of that, having extra cables hanging around creates an eyesore, and they can be hazardous if they are left on the floor and can be tripped over.

There are all kinds of different cables that are available in bulk. There’s Ethernet, RG6, RG59, fiber optic, security, speaker, fire alarm, phone cord, SVGA and more. Once you have decided what time you need, then you can decide on the extras, like whether you need it shielded, unshielded, direct burial, outdoor, plenum etc.

Once you have decided on what type of cable that you need, then you can start deciding on your connectors. Depending on the cable you choose, you will then decide how you want to terminate the cable, by crimping or compression. If you want to crimp the cable, you’ll need a punch down tool, but if you’re compressing your connectors, you’ll need to pick up a compression tool for the job.

Once you have all your materials in place, you are all ready to start creating your own cables. Measure out your cable and start cutting the desired lengths. You are then free to get your connectors attached and you are ready to go! Check out our whole line of bulk cables here.

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