Get Yourself a Job!

For many job seekers, combing through Craigslist ad pages can get old real quick. Not only is Craigslist hard to navigate, but it is also hard to see all the jobs that you are looking for in one place, without having to go to multiple areas of the site. Luckily those days are over. There are a ton of new apps on the market targeting job seekers, and these apps will do the dirty work for you. They will pull job information from multiple sources including Craigslist and other big name job search engines, so you don’t have to. Below have compiled a list of the most popular apps that will lighten the burden of finding your next gig!

LinkedIn Job Search

While LinkedIn has long been a site that has been used for job recruiters, now they have come up with an app for job seekers as well. The LinkedIn Job Search app is designed to help you find a job quickly and easily, just enter keywords related to the type of job you are looking for and you are set to go. Some jobs will even allow you to apply for jobs using just your LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


The Switch app is perfect for anyone who is currently employed and feels uncomfortable applying for jobs and having their cover blown at work. To keep this information out of the wrong hands, Switch was invented. Now you can quietly apply for jobs by simply using your LinkedIn profile. This will allow employers to look over your resume anonymously, and contact you only if they are interested. Switch will also alert you through email and push notifications when there are new job opportunities posted in your area. This is the perfect choice for professionals who are looking to upgrade their job without the risk of losing the one that they already have. Switch borrows its interface from Tinder, letting you swipe left or right depending on your interest.


When first hit the scene some years back, they quickly became one of the biggest job boards available online. This is one of the web’s biggest resources, compacted down to a mobile site. You can also post your resume directly to Indeed’s job board. Staffing firms also utilize, which increases your chances of getting contacted for a job.


This app will take all the legwork out of finding a new job. ZipRecruiter will pull information from a bunch of sites like Craigslist, Monster Jobs and more. You can post your resume on this site, and you will then be alerted every time that your resume is viewed. This will also allow job recruiters to find you. So you can just sit back and wait for the job opportunities to come to you.

So now that you have your job app all picked out, remember to clean up your social media pages when you are on the job hunt! Many employers will now check your Facebook and other social sites before even calling for that first interview. Use your privacy tools to protect those pictures that you may not want employers to view.

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