What’s Your Device? Part 2

For the second installment of our “What’s Your Device” series, we will be focusing on laptops and televisions. Whether you need to register your device for a warranty, or you need support for the product, it is important to be able to find both your device’s model and serial numbers.
Finding your laptop’s model and serial numbers can be relatively easy depending on who manufacturers the device.


Macbook: Apple places the serial and model numbers of their laptops in several places. The first place it can be found is on the product packaging. If you save your original packaging from when you purchase your Macbook, the information will be right on the box, as well as on your invoice. On the laptop itself you can find the serial number on the bottom of the device near the back by the air vents. You may need a magnifying glass, the serial number is written in a tiny print. This is where the Macbook’s model number is also located. This goes for all the different versions of Apple’s Macbook, including the Air and Pro.

Toshiba: This manufacturer puts their model and serial numbers on a sticker that is located on the bottom of their laptops. The model number should begin with letters, followed by a dash and then a few other numbers. Depending on what year your laptop was manufactured; the number should be about ten digits.

HP: This manufacturer typically puts the model name of their device directly under the LED screen. You can also press the fn + escape key on the keyboard to pop up HP’s system information window. It is here that you can find both the laptop’s serial and model number. The serial number should also be located on the bottom or the laptop, on a sticker near the back.


Vizio: The easiest way to find the model and serial numbers on your Vizio is through your remote. For pre-2015 models, go to the “menu” button on your remote control. From there you select the “help” option and then go to “system info” where you will find both the serial and model number of the TV. On newer models, the “help” option is instead named “system,” from there you can go to “system options. Vizio will also include their identifying numbers on the TV itself, but that can be hard to find in the instance that your TV is wall mounted or in a place where you cannot get to the back of the TV easily.

LG: There are a few different ways to find LG’s model numbers on their televisions. First you’ll you go to the “menu” button and click “support” you will find the serial and model numbers under “product info.” The model number can also be located in your instruction manual. The letters “LG” will always begin the model number followed by a mix of eight letters and numbers. There is a method to LG’s model number that will unlock different information about your TV, including the year of production and type of series it’s included in.

Example LG TV model number

Samsung: This manufacturer places their model and serial numbers directly on the back of their TVs, where they can be found on toward the bottom of the screen. Their model numbers typically start with the letters “UN” and are about thirteen digits long. The serial number is located right below that. If you have wall-mounted your TV you are in luck. Samsung also included their model and serial numbers on the side of their TVs, so the information is still visible even when the TV is mounted.

Stay with us as we continue to explore different devices and how to find out what model you’ve got and where to find the info!

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