Fresh New Phone Hacks

If you are the type of techie that loves the latest and greatest, chances are that you have either an iPhone6s or a Samsung Galaxy S6 in your pocket. It’s been a big year for smartphones, and there is a lot to catch up on. We took some time to compile some of the biggest hacks for both, if you are an iPhone lover check out our list below. We will post our list for Android aficionados next week!

iPhone 6s

The “live” photo is one of iPhone6s’s most talked about features. The live photo feature captures a few seconds before and after a picture, so your pictures will literally be brought to life with movement. A cool hack for this feature is that live photos can also be used for your home screen, so your wallpaper can be interactive. Just select a live photo for your background and watch as it comes to life.

If you are fan of FaceTime, the iPhone6s just upped their game in a big way. The new 5-megapixel FaceTime HD Camera makes for perfectly clear FaceTime calls. If you are one of those people who are a fan of taking pictures of yourself, otherwise known as a “selfie” – the 5-megapixels will work great for that too, and the retina flash that is included in the self-facing camera will light the area around your face. There is even a built-in photo album devoted for these “selfie” photos. If you really want to up your selfie game, make sure your surrounding lighting is good as well, this way the flash will naturally erase your flaws.

The iPhone’s regular camera is pleasantly clear too, with 12 megapixels this camera takes razor sharp pictures that are easily uploadable. You don’t even have to have Instagram or Facebook open, just simply press on the picture and upload right away from the options below. Quick and easy.

If videos are more your thing, the new iPhone will also let you shoot videos in 4K resolution, which is four times higher than regular HD, and allows you to upload that video to YouTube with a click of a button.

If you catch a bit of a song while you are out on the go, and you want to know who sings it, iPhone6s has you covered. There is no need to have the actual Shazam app open or downloaded, you can just ask Siri, as Shazam is built into the new iPhone6s. As long as there are a few seconds of the song available, just ask Siri “what song is this?” and she will use the app for you to get you song info.

In that same vein, if you are using Apple music, there are a few hacks for that as well. Ask Siri some off the cuff questions, like “play me the #1 song in 1994” and she will bring up a 1994’s chart toppers. Apple music comes with a free two month trial, so far it looks pretty similar to Spotify. If you are into a particular song that you are hearing on Apple music, you can tell Siri that you want to hear other songs like it, and it will pull up similar music a-la Pandora style.

This hack is a little older, but still not well known. If you need to get your phone charged up in a hurry, just simply put it on “Airplane Mode” and it will charge in a jiffy.

If you are in the middle of reading an article, but you don’t have time to finish it, just press firmly on the link and the iPhone will save your space for later by adding it to your reading list.

We will keep you updated with other new iPhone6s hacks as soon as they are discovered, stay tuned!

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