Yelping South Park

The big question that is looming over the Bay Area today: “Is Yelp suing South Park or not?” If you missed this week’s newest South Park episode, you missed out on some laughs. The episode depicts Cartman and his buddies as going Yelp-crazy, expecting discounted dinners in trade for their reviews. It is basically a really mild episode of South Park until the end, when they compare Yelp reviewers to members of ISIS. In actuality Yelp might have a leg to stand on in the slander department for that type of comparison. But would they really sue over this, and risk looking like they can’t take a joke? South Park has always been controversial, and others in the past that have taken their depictions too seriously have risked looking like they have no sense of humor. NBC broke the story this morning, which made the actual story seem true. The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker even had a comeback:

“We’ve taken a hard look at the information presented to us, and after reviewing it, we have given Yelp and their lawsuit only one star. Their lawyers delivered us legal documents in a very unprofessional manner; not bothering to smile or even a quick handshake. The writing on the envelope was barely legible and in two different colors. It is our personal opinion that Yelp could do a much better job by not suing us for ten million dollars.”

There was an announcement later in the day that it was not true, and that Yelp thought the episode was funny. So which is it? Can Yelp take a joke or not? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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