Facebook “Reactions”

Facebook introduced their newest innovation this week, and those who were expecting a “dislike” button were disappointed. Instead Facebook revealed 7 emoji’s spanning different emotions ranging from anger to love. Facebook is calling the emoji’s “reactions,” and considering them an extension of the “like” button. Although the little emoticons are cute, some are questioning what the point of having them as a selectable option might be. These emoji’s would be placed at the end of stories in your news feed, as well as on friend’s statuses.

In reality, if you currently want to leave a comment on a post, you can use an emoji. Right now you would select it from your phone’s keyboard, so having the option of choosing one on the post itself just seems like a lazy man’s shortcut. Would a dislike button be a better option? While these emoticons would allow us to give an emotional response, are little cartoon character faces the best way to go about that? Looks like time will tell. Currently the emoji “reaction” option is still in test phase, with the testing audience set to both Spain and Ireland. As of right now there is no concrete date of when they will be available for use.

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