Breaking Up in the Digital Age

Break-ups have always been tough – it’s a tale as old as time – but there is something a little different about breaking up in the digital age. People going through break-ups in present day have it especially hard. Never before have we been able to keep such close tabs on our old flames as we are able to now. You can literally track someone’s steps, all digitally and without detection. There are social media apps galore that will give you the information that you are looking for. If you want to check statuses, new pictures and current moods, Facebook and Twitter are your new best friends. If you ever shared a Netflix account or password, you now know what they are watching, and when. If you want to find out with whom, check out their Instagram page. This is also handy for seeing how they are getting over their recent heartbreak. Maybe they are moping around at home. Or maybe they are out with friends having a blast and meeting new people. How will you know if you don’t look? Maybe your ex is dating again. Maybe they will even pop up on your Tinder app or Plenty of Fish page. If you literally want to find out where they are going, check your Waze GPS. If you ever befriended each other through the app, you can see when they are using it and if they are nearby.

It takes a lot of self-control not to peek every now and then to see what an ex is up to. In reality you are only causing yourself more pain, because nothing burns worse than seeing someone enjoy his or her life, especially without you in it. But yet we all torture ourselves from time to time. It’s natural to be curious, right? For some, self-control is hard, especially when you are heartsick. Luckily there’s an app for that.

The Problem Becomes the Solution

There is an assortment of apps available that are designed to help you get over heartache. There is The Broken Heart Guide: Accepting Breakup Reality & Start a New Life! app, the Heartbroken: A Man’s Guide to Recovery and Healing from the Breakup of a Toxic Relationship app as well the Breakup Text app available in your app store. The latter will construct a break up text for you in the event that you are having trouble coming up with one on your own. If closure is what you are after, but can’t seem to stop stalking, there’s an app for that too. There are a few apps available which will encrypt your ex’s phone number so you are unable to contact them. These will also hide selected social media pages so you are literally unable to look at them. When you come home from a night out trying to drown your sorrows, sometimes calling the source of your heartache seems like a good idea. Shooting a text sounds like an even better idea. That’s where the Ex-Lover Blocker app comes into play. When you pick up your phone and try to call or text your ex, the app will alert three pre-designated friends and inform what you are trying to do. Hopefully your friends will save you some embarrassment and pick up the phone instead to bring you back to reality.

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