iPhone 6S Highlights

So let’s see if any of our iPhone 6s predictions were true! As we thought, most of the notable changes are subtle upgrades. For starters, it looks like Apple decided to stay with the same dimension options as the 6, but the outer hardware is a little different. The new iPhone 6s will feature a brand new ion-constructed glass front and an aerospace aluminum back. In addition to the silver, gold and graphite that were already offered there is a brand new “rose gold” color that made its debut today.

Technical Specs

As predicted, the new phones will be a little faster, with a better battery life. The camera has also been updated and is now capable of shooting 4k video, and features a 12-megapixel sensor. In perhaps an embarrassing twist, the new iPhone will have a “selfie” option designed for taking pictures of yourself. This feature might speak more about the declining state of our society as a whole rather than Apple trying to keep up with the Joneses, but I digress.

Pricing Options

Per usual, the iPhone 6S will be offered for $199 and the iPhone 6S Plus for $299, both with a two year contract. While we are on the subject, what’s the new “payment program” all about? When you look up iPhone prices online, instead of the traditional costs that are offered, you will see a “$35 per month” in its place. Beware. Whereas previously you would be paying for your phone up front, now Apple has come up with an attractive “payment plan” that will cost you about $35-$45 a month, instead of paying cash up front. This type of plan allows you to upgrade your phone when the upgrade first comes out, which sounds great at first, but nothing is without drawbacks. In order to receive your upgrade, you will be required to turn in your previous phone. You will also be making payments on the price of the phone, which is more than the normal cost of the two-year upgrade pricing. User beware, sometimes this isn’t mentioned when signing up for these “Apple Plans.” You will also be signed up for the Apple Care Warranty, which is an option that the majority of Apple customers wouldn’t choose anyway though.

Final Thoughts

So in a nutshell, if you are looking for the latest and greatest iPhone, put in your order for the 6S. You’ll get a nicer camera, some cool new features and a pretty new color choice. Keep your eyes open when you purchase it though, and be leery when they offer you any type of payment plan. The iPhone 6S will be available beginning September 25th.

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