iPhone 6s: Last Minute Rumors

Word on the street is that news from Apple regarding the iPhone6S release is scheduled for tomorrow, September 9th in Cupertino, California. Apple hasn’t leaked too many details regarding their newest version of the iPhone, so there are many speculations circulating out there. We are here to try and clear some of that mystery up.

There has been some speculation on what the release date will be, and if history is any indicator, it may very well be tomorrow. Or they may wait till later in the Christmas season, just to throw a wrench in the game.

The Dimensions

We expect the sizing to remain the same. Most consumers seemed pleased with the current sizing options, so it’s doubtful that Apple would play around with that. This was also a huge change with the upgrade from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, so they will likely keep the same size options until the 7 is released.

The Colors

There have been rumors about a color scheme similar to that of the iPhone 5C which would allow for a less expensive upgrade, as well as colorful options to choose from rather than the standard silver and gold. Rumor has it that pink might be a new option, as well as a retro teal color.

The Performance

Extended battery life and faster speeds are almost a given, as these two upgrades are almost always mimicked with every release. The material of the phone itself might also change, with speculation about a new, stronger aluminum back and a thicker glass on the front.

We will continue to keep our ear to the ground as we wait for the confirmed details tomorrow regarding the next iPhone release. This is also big news for those of you who are still waiting to upgrade your iPhone 5, as a new iPhone version release means earlier models will drop in price. So if you aren’t concerned with having the latest and greatest, this is the time for you to finally upgrade to that iPhone 6.

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