A Brief Introduction to Wearable Tech

One of the biggest topics this year has been technology that you can wear on your body, otherwise known as “wearable tech.” We’ll have a few installments over the next few weeks combing through the different types of wearable tech that are fresh on the market today.

Today we’ll start off with a new device that comes in the form of interactive workout gear you can wear to the gym. Athos is a new bodysuit of sorts that you can wear during your workout to track your movement. Athos uses electromyography (otherwise known as EMG), a process which utilizes electrode sensors to monitor your muscles and collect data. This suit will not only track your muscle fatigue during your workout, but also monitor which muscles are being worked and how hard. The Athos body suit will track vitals as well, including breathing patterns and heartbeats. Both your heartbeat and your breath can indicate whether you are over-or-under exerting yourself. The bodysuit comes as two separate pieces, both a top and a bottom; shorts for men, yoga pants for the ladies.

Another new product on the horizon is one that you don’t necessarily wear, but one that you can certainly sleep in. The product is called the Luna Sleep Tracker, and it will turn any bed into a “smart bed” by tracking your sleep habits and regulating your bed’s temperature. You can even set it to warm up your bed while you are still on your way home.

The sleep tracker comes in the form of a mattress cover that contains a sensor to monitor your sleep habits. The sensor can be controlled from your smart phone, and will find the right moment in your sleep cycle to wake you when you will feel most refreshed, and your energy levels will be the highest.

The sleep tracker fits like any other mattress cover, and comes in a few different sizes. The San Francisco-based company has already reached over a million dollars in pre-orders, and is expected to start shipping to investors later on this year.

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