A Real Gem

Wearable technology has been all the rage this year, although thus far it has mostly consisted of neon colors, plastic watches and goofy looking glasses. In 2015 that will change, at least for women. A different kind of wearable tech was introduced for pre-sale this winter, named “Ringly.” By sending off a slight vibration, this little ring can alert you when your meeting is coming up, when certain people are calling or texting and even alert you when your Uber arrives. It will also give you a buzz when you have calendar alerts, Facebook or Twitter notifications or when that guy finally hits you up on Tinder. This is a classy looking cocktail ring; the only giveaway that this is wearable technology is the little LED light under the ring’s stone. But you can have that option turned off if you choose. When the ring is not functioning, it doubles as an everyday pretty accessory.

The Ringly comes in a few different styles, and is available in precious and semi-precious stones; your choice will be reflected in the cost. With cool names like Daydream and Stargaze the ring comes in black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone, emerald or Tourmalated quartz. The price range for these gems is $195.00 to $260.00. Through the Ringly app you can program what programs and apps you want to choose to set your ring off. The app will be available for free this January in for both iOs and Android.

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