Forget Me Not

Have you ever Googled yourself and cringed at the assortment of old pictures that pop up under your name? Those pictures from the good old MySpace days that will haunt you forever. The ones that have circulated around for years, and have been given an extended shelf-life on the Google “images” page. Not only photos, but Google is where you can find your outdated addresses and a bunch of other random outdated information.

Some folks don’t mind this; to them it’s just the price you pay for living in the 21st century. Others have more to hide, or have some sort of negative information about them online. In the recent past people had few options about having personal information removed off the Internet. You have the option of contacting Google in hopes that they will scrub some of your information off their servers. But there is no guarantee that your request will be seen. Speed ahead to present day, where a website has been created to do the dirty work for you.

www.Forget.Me is a new website that allows you to enter grievances about things you find about yourself online. The website’s motto is “you have the right to be forgotten.” You can submit requests for the removal of photos, videos and outdated information in general. The website has worked with a team of lawyers to come up with a few standardized request reasons so that you just have to pick one from a drop-down box. This also makes it easy for search engines to sift through. The reasons have all been technically approved of already, so that cuts down on wait time.

The website is only offered in Europe as of right now, but we all have our fingers crossed that it will cross over to the states soon enough. There will be enough demand for it, no question about it.

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