Jenky iPhone Batteries

Apple announced this week that it will replace some jenky iPhone 5 batteries at no cost. These are for the phones that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013. Your phone may be in need of a battery if it needs frequent charging and looses charge quickly. There are several different ways to check if your phone is eligible, but the easiest is to check your serial right from your phone and input the number into Apple’s serial checker. To find the serial go to Settings, then to General, then About, then Serial Number. The serial number is listed on this page. Plug that number into Apple’s serial box, and check to see if your phone is affected. Apple has also stated that they may refund users that had to pay for their own battery replacements previously.

If your iPhone is okayed for replacement, you can just bring your phone down to the nearest Apple store and they will swap it out for you. If you are not eligible for a replacement, but got stuck with a crappy battery, never fear. You can swap it out for the new iPhone 6 in a few months.

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