Playing With Your Food

Cool new app alert! A new app called “Rise” is being talked about as the next best thing in the world of diet and exercise apps. The outline is pretty simple and easy. Just take a picture of the meals you consume, and send them through the app to dieticians that will offer helpful feedback on whether the food you’re eating is helping or hindering your weight-loss attempts. One of the biggest draw to this app is that it allows dieters to be in touch with their diet coach daily, instead of the traditional once-a-week.

Most people are busy taking pictures of their meals and uploading them to Facebook and Instagram just to make their friends green with food envy. This should make it easy for the users of the Rise app to adjust and take pictures of their food for more productive reasons.

This app will probably work especially well with people who are visual learners. Instead of tracking calories or the amount of carbohydrates that are being consumed within the day, you are getting actual feedback from a diet coach on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. This might help take some of the guesswork out of dieting. Anything helps! The app is available now for iPhone and Android.

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