Putting the “V” in Vanity

As if the narcissistic “selfie” craze that’s so popular right now isn’t embarrassing enough, Microsoft announced this week that they are set to release their new Lumia “Superman” phone with one unique feature: a forward facing camera. Looks like Microsoft has decided to cash in on the trend of people shamelessly taking photos of themselves, and is hoping this feature will set their Windows phone apart from the competition. The reality of this phone is that it will save selfie fanatics the approximate 2 seconds that it takes to switch your phone’s camera from normal to forward facing. Then consider that you might want to take a photograph of something other than your own face? There is a time delay for that, hopefully it’s not an action shot.

Naturally the phone will come with the egomaniac’s guide to the Internet; preloaded with all the necessities such as Instagram, Photoshop and Vine. This way you can Photoshop and post your selfie right away! Just remember to filter out all those flaws first; after all no one likes an unedited selfie! The Superman is slated for a late summer release. It’s guaranteed that there will be a lot of people that are into this idea; but whether that percentage will be higher than the group that finds this concept completely ridiculous is still unknown.

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