Raspberry Pi Sweet Spot

About two years ago a mini computer about the size of a credit card was unleashed on the market. It’s able to connect to computer monitor or a TV and it can handle most things that a regular sized computer can. You can play computer games with it, create spreadsheets, surf the interwebz, watch high resolution videos and it even has a camera to take pictures or videos. The Raspberry Pi was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and was originally designed to teach kids the ins and outs of computer programming in a super affordable way.

They started with two models; the first is called “model A” and retails for $25, the “model B” version for $35. This week the company released an upgraded version of Model B, aptly named “Model B+” and it is already on shelves ready for purchase. The computer will have some upgrades and will still be the low price of $35. There were two USB ports added, for a grand total of four ports. They also lowered the power consumption level, and added a micro SD slot. The B+ also has kept with the same ARM-based BCM2835 processor plus an HDMI port and it still comes with the same 512MB of RAM.

This is great news for anyone who wants to pick one up for their child or even themselves to play around with and learn some cool new computer tricks. The possibilities are endless with this little pocket sized computer.



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