Parking Wars

San Francisco’s city attorney issued a “cease and desist” demand this week to a peer-to-peer iOS parking space app, much to the relief of many San Franciscans. The app is called Monkey Parking, and it allows drivers to sell their public parking spot through the app for profit. Naturally this is an issue considering it is against the law to profit from a public space without a permit from the city; and not to mention that both the street and the sidewalk is owned by the City of San Francisco.

For the first time in a long time San Francisco’s officials are being proactive about illegal activity that is happening in their streets. In the city, it is common to see open drug use, nudity and prostitution. Even with all that, parking still remains San Francisco’s top nightmare. The city’s streets were not designed for the amount of traffic that they are subjected to daily. The city itself is only seven by seven miles, and is overcrowded with people and cars, making street parking a pain.

Some of these parking apps can charge up to $13 a space, and employ people to sit in spots until they are bought. Imagine what a jam-up this is causing. It’s already super pricey to park in private lots and parking garages, usually upwards of $25 for a few hours. So having to pay for public parking through an app (on top of the expensive parking meter cost) is just ridiculous. Not to mention the danger of engaging in a bidding war while behind the wheel.

Going forward, drivers who use the Monkey Parking app, or similar iOS apps like Parkmodo and Sweetch, may be fined up to $300.

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