The End of Computerworld

Computerworld announced this week that they are ending the print version of their magazine and going to a strictly digital publication going forward. This has been a trend for the last few years in what many call the “death of the printed word.”
This is not surprising unfortunately; as magazines have been going out of print left and right for the last few years. Most editorials are digitized regardless of whether they have a print copy. Their profits come from advertising; digital editorials can be very profitable. The end of print magazines has been referred to as the “death spiral,” which is today’s language when describing something that is on the way out the door at a speedy rate.

In today’s world of blogs, instant news and e-readers, magazine sales have been down for many printed publications.

Computerworld has been in print since 1967, with the final print version being released next Monday, June 23, 2014.
Their content is directed towards IT managers and various other techies. The magazine gives information on upcoming seminars and other time-sensitive information, mostly new releases in the field of technology. In this case it makes sense to have a mobile version that’s quick and easy to reference. It’s also worth mentioning that isn’t a typical keepsake magazine like “Life Magazine” or “Rolling Stone” that people tend to hoard in their garages. The exception would be the issues that covered ground-breaking technical territory. If you are a random nerdy hoarder, hold on tight to your issues.The classics are sure to be worth some coin someday.

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