The hype surrounding Sapphire Glass

There are rumors flying around about the release of the new iPhone 6. It’s been a popular topic ever since Apple gave a tentative release date of September 2014. In typical Apple fashion, most of the design details are shrouded in secrecy. One of the most whispered-about rumors is that the newest iPhone’s screen will be made with Sapphire glass, instead of the Gorilla Glass that has come with the iPhone since its first release date. This is causing quite the commotion, as Sapphire glass may offer some really innovative features.

Word on the street is that the iPhone 6 may be able to charge by solar power through the Sapphire glass. I have to say that all of this speculation really has me imagining the possibilities. I’m envisioning going to a summer festival and being able to catch a charge by pulling my phone from my pocket. The possibility of charging your phone by simply going outside is hard to grasp. If this rumor turns out to be true, the term “wireless” could take on a whole new meaning. Will solar-powered phones make wireless charging obsolete before it even catches on in popularity?

The man-made sapphire that is being produced for this glass is virtually unscratchable. The hardness factor is second only to diamond, which is the hardest substance in the world.
Naturally there are a few initial drawbacks to such an amazing new technology. There are a few differences between Sapphire crystal and Gorilla Glass. The materials to make Sapphire glass are more expensive and may be harder to manufacture. The breakage ratio from everyday wear and tear is higher with Sapphire glass. It is also reported to be more than 50% heavier than Gorilla Glass. Throughout the years Gorilla glass has been highly praised by consumers, and is used in most smart phones and tablets today. It is thin, scratch-resistant and relatively inexpensive to make. It also can withstand a few drops.
Some other iPhone 6 rumors include a larger screen size. The current screen size for the iPhone 5s is 4.87”; and the screen size is predicted to increase again. There is some speculation that there will be two sizes offered; a 4.7” and a 5.5” as well. The current iPhone 5S weighs about ¼ of a pound. What would be the weight in the event that the screen size and material is changed? There has been some talk of a curved display. One thing we are sure of is that Apple will stick with its Lightening connector; there is no way they can switch that up on everyone again. A new operating system will likely be icing on the cake.

So are the iPhone 6’s going to be solar powered with giant screens? Only time will tell. Either way, there are really exciting advancements to look forward to from Apple in the coming months.

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