Big-box Stores are for Big-Ticket Items, But Not Cables

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, consumers are hard at work searching for the perfect consumer electronic gift for their loved ones. Many shoppers will be looking to purchase a new HDTV or home theater from their local big-box electronic store. I admit, who can truly resist the allure of row after row of high definition video displays, blazing down in unison? While these stores may be the perfect spot to try and buy a larger ticket item such as an LED TV or Blu-ray player, think twice before you plunk down your hard earned cash for the supporting cables.

Take HDMI cable for example. A typical 6-foot HDMI cable at major electronics store will retail for nearly $50 with “premium” versions going far north of $100. Why? These stores bank on consumers only doing their homework for the big-ticket items but not the cables. It vexes me to hear about customers being sold lines such as: “the extra $50 buys higher bandwidth and better performance,” or “what’s $100 for a cable when you are already spending $2,000 for the TV?” Baloney, I claim! Consumers have the right to know that they need not spend a small fortune for dependable and quality audio/video cables. In fact, I’ll pit our 6-foot HDMI cable, which sells for under $5 against any “premium” priced name-brand HDMI cable.

At CableWholesale we are committed to bringing you cable products of the highest quality at prices that will help spread your holiday shopping budget farther. We hope you enjoy a wonderful and informed holiday shopping season.

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