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Locking Keystones for Cat5e/Cat6 Networks are available now!

This never before seen locking RJ45 female keystone jack is truly revolutionary. Normally, in order to secure a RJ45 Ethernet cable from being either inserted or removed, it was required that you purchase a locking clasp that fit around your Ethernet cable and plug it into its matching locking RJ45 keystone. We have eliminated the superfluous clasp that attached to the cable. Our innovative locking RJ45 keystone allows you to use ANY Ethernet cable you already have. The secret is in the virtually unaltered keystone. It looks and operates almost identically to any other keystone you are used to. The magic is a locking clip that is released with the metal key (sold separately). Simply unlock the clip, insert your cable and plug it back in. That's it. It is now secure from being unplugged.

Lockign RJ45 Keystone Jacks

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