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As a service to our customers, provides informative technical articles, each one focusing on a particular technology. Our goal is to help our customers get better acquainted with the often confusing cables, connectors, and standards to be encountered out there.

Title Synopsis Date PDF
Megahertz Madness Megahertz Madness by our very own Tara Duffy. July 2014 Download Megahertz Madness PDF here.
Traveling with Technology Traveling with Technology by our very own Tara Duffy. May 2014 Download Traveling with Technology PDF here.
How Cables are Constructed How Cables are Constructed by our very own Tara Duffy. March 2014 Download How Cables are Constructed PDF here.
Qi Whiz! Qi Whiz by our very own Jacob Macias. March 2013 Download Qi Whiz! PDF here.
The Home Theater PC Highway The Home Theater PC Highway by our very own Alex Calder. Oct 2012 Download The Home Theater PC Highway PDF here.
Putting the HD in HDBaseT Putting the HD in HDBaseT by our very own Bobby Acker. Jun 2012 Download Putting the HD in HDBaseT PDF here.
Home Recording Studio 101 Home Recording Studio 101 by our very own Akida Thomas. Mar 2012 Download Home Recording Studio 101 PDF here.
From the Big Screen to the Basement The third installment in our home theater articles dicusses the basement home theater of our very own Joe Davis. Jan 2012 Download From the Big Screen to the Basement PDF here.
Mobile Mania This article is a robust explaination of methods to connect your cell phone to other devices. Nov 2011 Download Mobile Mania PDF here.
Category Cable Cornucopia This article is a refresher on Category/Network cable, it covers current standards, marketing myths and quality issues you may face. Sep 2011 Download Category Cable Cornucopia PDF here.
Coaxial Corner This article discusses coaxial cable from why it is named to its many uses. Aug 2011 Download Coaxial Corner PDF here.
The Ubiquitous USB This article discusses usb adapters to extend functionality to your computer. July 2011 Download The Ubiquitous USB PDF here.
Sur Vay Lence This article provides a primer on the hardware behind surveilance systems. May 2011 Download Sur Vay Lence PDF here.
Infrared Emitters, Receivers & Repeaters This article covers the technology needed to add an infrared remote distribution system to your home. Jan 2011 Download Infrared Emitters, Receivers & Repeaters PDF here.
Network Cable Connectivity This article examines the peripheral devices which hold networks together including: keystones, wall plates, patch panels, punch down blocks and punch down tools. Dec 2010 Download Network Cable Connectivity PDF here.
Taming the USB Jungle This article explores camera, phone and proprietary USB connectors, USB power and more. Oct 2010 Download Taming the USB Jungle PDF here.
3D Television In this article we explore 3D television. Sep 2010 Download 3D Television PDF here.
Make The Right Connection This article examines signal types, cable interfaces and the connectors that support them. Aug 2010 Download Make The Right Connection PDF here.
Fiber Optics - An Overview Fiber optics make up the backbone of telecommunications and the Internet. This article examines fiber optic operation, history, cabling types and more. Jun 2010 Download Fiber Optics - An Overview PDF here.
HDMI High Speed with Ethernet The release of HDMI High Speed with Ethernet could cause some real confusion. We break all the changes down for you. Apr 2010 Download HDMI High Speed with Ethernet PDF here.
Fire Alarm, Security and CCTV Cable: An Overview Often overlooked and undervalued, fire alarm and security cable provides the framework for protecting your home or office. Mar 2010 Download Fire Alarm, Security and CCTV Cable: An Overview PDF here.
Cable Ratings and Materials and Counterfeiters! Oh My! It is easy to get lost in the sea of acronyms, part numbers and other markings when it comes to cables. Here we discuss some of these. Feb 2010 Download Cable Ratings and Materials and Counterfeiters! Oh My! PDF here.
USB 3.0 - SuperSpeed USB Getting to know the new version of Universal Serial Bus. Jan 2010 Download USB 3.0 - SuperSpeed USB PDF here.
The Great PC to TV Connection - Reloaded Two years later, and it's still the number one asked question: "How do I connect my PC to my TV?". Dec 2009 Download The Great PC to TV Connection - Reloaded PDF here.
DisplayPort Divulged Here we talk about the lesser-known monitor cable and it's purpose. Nov 2009 Download DisplayPort Divulged PDF here.
Quality Quirks By far, the most frequently asked question we get is, "Is this a good quality cable?" Learn all about cable quality here. Aug 2009 Download Quality Quirks PDF here.
The Venerable VGA The world of VGA can be confusing. There are so many different terms flying around. We will attempt to alleviate some of the confusion. Jun 2009 Download The Venerable VGA PDF here.
Jowling for Jackets Here we talk all about the different types of jackets found on various cables, including what the writing on cables is all about. Apr 2009 Download Jowling for Jackets PDF here.
USB Cables Revisited In this article we modernize our original USB article by talking about a few things that weren't around back when we wrote the first one. Mar 2009 Download USB Cables Revisited PDF here.
Making Your Own Ethernet Patch Cable Here we change up the format a little and give you a how-to article. We'll show you how to make your own ethernet patch cable. While it's recommended you use professionally made cables, we offer this advice anyway. Feb 2009 Download Making Your Own Ethernet Patch Cable PDF here.
Home Theater This technical article will help explain what a home theater is and how it can be set up. Jan 2009 Download Home Theater PDF here.
Coaxial Cable This article shows you what it means for a cable to be a coaxial cable. Dec 2008 Download Coaxial Cable PDF here.
HDMI Cables HDMI is a great technology with many facets. We will go over some of the features of HDMI cables. Nov 2008 Download HDMI Cables PDF here.
The Technical Side of Power Cords There are more to power cords than meet the eye. This article gets into some of the real technical bits about everyday electrical power cords. Oct 2008 Download The Technical Side of Power Cords PDF here.
The Mysteries Of Surge Protectors This article gives you the ins and outs of surge protectors and helps you choose the one that's right for you. Jan 2008 Download The Mysteries Of Surge Protectors PDF here.
Wireless Home Networking How-to This article builds on last month's Home Networking How-to article, showing you how to use wireless technologies to set up a home network. Dec 2007 Download Wireless Home Networking How-to PDF here.
Home Networking How-to As broadband internet connections gain popularity, more and more people are finding it necessary to connect multiple home computers to one internet connection. This article will walk you through that process. Nov 2007 Download Home Networking How-to PDF here.
The Great PC to TV Connection Connecting your computer to a television, even HDTV, can be confusing. This article spells out exactly what products to use based on your computer and television types. Oct 2007 Download The Great PC to TV Connection PDF here.
All About Audio There are so many different audio connections out there now; how do you know which one will be the best to use? This article will aid in understanding the different types of audio connections, audio formats, and where they are used. Aug 2005 Download All About Audio PDF here.
A View of Video Focusing on the different types of video connections available to us for computer and home theatre components, this months article will address common video conversion problems and solutions. Dec 2004 Download A View of Video PDF here.
Cables Clarified This month, we return to our most basic product: cables. While there is certainly a wide variety of cables and standards out there, all cables share certain properties, and a good understanding of cable construction and technical designations is always helpful. Sep 2004 Download Cables Clarified PDF here.
Wireless Workout Why would a company called send out information about a technology that doesn't need cables? Wireless networking is a fantastic way to connect home computers, and it's advantages are easily recognizable, but this technology is not for everyone. May 2004 Download Wireless Workout PDF here.
Serial ATA Simplified Just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a computer is only as fast as its slowest component. These days, the hard drive is the slowest commonly used component in most computers. IDE hard disks, while very common, have crippling limitations, and will very soon be replaced by a new technology called Serial ATA (SATA). Apr 2004 Download Serial ATA Simplified PDF here.
SCSI Unscrewed The complete story of SCSI is so massive, it's simply not possible to present all the details in an article such as this. In an effort to organized this article in a reader-efficient manner, it's been broken into two parts based on the questions the reader would like answered. Feb 2004 Download SCSI Unscrewed PDF here.
Hooking Up Home Theater With the advent of the DVD player, having true at-home theater-quality sound production has now become a reality. This technical article will help explain what home theater is and how it can be set up. Dec 2003 Download Hooking Up Home Theater PDF here.
Networks Untangled - Part 2 This month, we're going to take a more practical approach, and show you how you might want to set up a home or small office network. Nov 2003 Download Networks Untangled - Part 2 PDF here.
Networks Untangled - Part 1 All networks, no matter how simple or complicated, have one and only one goal: to connect two or more computers together so they can talk to each other. So, how do they do that? Oct 2003 Download Networks Untangled - Part 1 PDF here.
USB Uncovered Here we sort out the various problems enountered in dealing with USB devices, cables, and connectors. Sep 2003 Download USB Uncovered PDF here.
DVI Demystified This first article helps to demystify the new DVI (Digital Video Interface) technology, which is becoming more widespread as computer monitors and high-definition televions move to an all-digital format. Aug 2003 Download DVI Demystified PDF here.

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