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IP Network Power Switch, Switch Power via Network

This product is no longer available.
Product Details

IP Network Power Switch, Switch Power via Network

The 71X5-00001 IP Power Switch gives users the ability to remotely control the power to attached equiment devices to this switch with a Web browser like Internet Explorer. This ease of use makes this switch a preferred tool in managing network equipment that needs to be turned off in case of damage due to power failures or systems that needs a reboot. The 71X5-00001 is an ideal remote management system for office and larger enterprise organizations for rebooting servers and manage the power to other network devices.
Easy Maintenance and Configuration

In addition to manual remote control, the 71X5-00001 Power Switch provides event-triggered or schedule-based control to turn connected equipment on or off or to reboot systems. The 71X5-00001 is easily configured with its Plug-and-Play ability. The Power Switch keeps a detailed log off all connected devices so that in case of severe errors from some devices, the status or failures can easily be solved.


The 71X5-00001 Power Switch is protected against unauthorized access with both SSL and SSH encryption. Only administrator and users who have been been granted access to the switch can control and view the switching status.

71x5-00001 Diagram
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