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Dual Fan Power Supply Switch ATX 350 Watt, Retail box

Dual Fan Power Supply Switch ATX 350 Watt, Retail box

This ATX power supply offers 350 watts of power for your PC case. It features dual fans and comes in a retail box.

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ATX-350W Dual Fan Switching Power Supply

AC INPUT: 115/230 Vac~ 12/6A 60/50Hz
DC +3.3V +5V -5V 12V -12V +5V-SB COM PS-ON PW-OK
OUTPUT 20A 30A 0.5A 15A 1.0A 2.0A RETURN REMOTE P.G.
+3.3V and +5V max Output 200W, Peak Surge Max Output 382W

Innovative front & rear fans for straight through air flow creating the most aerodynamically efficient cooling! And you know what, it drives heat away from the CPU, too!

Our design creates a low pressure zone just above the CPU where heat is at the most. The heat is then driven out of the system by the air flow from the power supply, and that is why we call it Dual Function Power Supply! It truly is a vast improvement over the conventional power supply with rear & top fan.

  • High efficiency
  • Low Ripple & Noise
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Reset table power shut down
  • Approved by UL, TUV, CB & CE
  • Internal 12 VDE fan
  • Complies with FCC part 15 subpart J Class B at 115VAC operation & CISPR 22 Class B at 230 VAC operation
  • 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature(50óJ)
  • Vacuum-impregnated transformer
  • MTBF:100K hours at 25óJ
  • 100% Hi-pot tested
  • Full Range 100~240VAC
  • *****with 24 Pin connector to support Intel Dual CPU Server Motherboard*****

Input Characteristics:
  • Voltage: 95-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC switch able
  • Frequency: 47 Hz TO 63 Hz
  • Input current: 10 amps maximum / 115 Vrms,60 Hz. 5 amps maximum /230 Vrms,50Hz.

  • Remote ON/OFF Control: The power supply shall accept a logic collector level which will disable / enable all output voltage (excluding +5V standby).
  • Temperature range: operating 0óJ~50óJ, storage -20óJ ~ +80óJ
  • Temperature coefficient: 0.01% / óJ
  • Transient response: output voltage recovers in less than 1 ms max. following a 25% load change
  • Hold-up time: 16ms minimum at full load & nominal input voltage
  • Dielectric withstand: input / output 1800 VAC for 1 second, input to frame ground 1800VAC for 1 second
  • Humidity: 5~95% RH
  • Efficiency: 65% min. 70% typical, at full load
  • Power good signal: turn-on delay 100 ms to 500 ms
  • Overload protection: 150% max.
  • Inrush current: 60A cold , 80A ware at 132 VAC
  • Over voltage protection: +5V output : 6.5V; +3.3V output: 4.6V;+12V output: 15.5V

* Detailed specifications and drawings provided upon request

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